Utsikten Golfklubb

Team Niblick carried out a design and extension of the 9 hole course to an 18 hole layout and carried out extensive upgrades and enhancements of the existing 9 hole course.

Utsikten Golfklubb is a truly fantastic and memorable 18 holes of very high quality golf set in truly breathtaking terrain and natural surroundings. So much so ,that Kvinesdal GolfKlubb went on to be voted “Most beautiful golf course in Norway” in 2007, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Some say a round of golf at Kvinesdal is almost therapeutic. Where golf and nature meet in an imperceptible way. It an exhilarating, yet tranquil walk in nature that is totally unforgettable.

The quote from Olav Magne Trydal, General Manager, Utsikten Golfklubb sums up Graeme’s approach, and what Team Niblick bring to every project

“Graeme’s famed reputation for his wonderful ability of working with and using the existing land features , topography and nature in his routing and shaping of the new golf holes was a major influence in our decision to choose Graeme as our Golf Course Architect. I spent much time with Graeme during the planning out and routing of the new holes. It was wonderful for me to experience the thought process that went into the design works.

The 9 hole extension to 18 holes, the redesign and upgrading of our existing 9 hole course and the design and construction of a brand new 9 hole par 3 golf course was a phased development was completed over a number of years.In this time I can honestly say that there was never a raised voice or disagreement between Graeme and myself, neither with the club officials. This was undoubtedly due in no small part to Graeme’s calmness under pressure ,his ability to include and advise us on the design and build process and his just being such a fantastic person.”


Video fly over

“Kvinesdal Golf Course was woted as the “Golf Pearl of Norway” in 2010, and if the winter has not been too rough with the greens and fairways, you will understand why everybody love this course and layout!”

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