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Killarney Golf and Fishing Club is one of the most prestigious and historic golfing venues in Ireland. Located in Killarney National Park and surrounded by the lakes of Laugh Leane, Killarney Golf and Fishing Club is a world class destination which is a four time host of the Irish Open and the 1996 Curtis Cup and home to two 18 hole championship courses.

Team Niblick were invited to look at the Killeen course and to make recommendations for possible redesign, upgrades and enhancements. A report was prepared and presented to the Club giving a wide range of recommendations and proposals.

Artistic Impressions were prepared to “visually” demonstrate to the Committee examples of Graeme’s vision for change.

1st hole – Killeen Course

Hole 1 proposal

Construction of lake edge wall around the 1st green site. This will give a very clean and defined finish to the lake and hole edge at the green site and will allow for the creation of an additional and very exciting second green surface, out into the lake.

The wall to be constructed incorporating reinforced steel for strength against the wave action and will be stone clad, using a stone that will match that used on the new wall on hole 8.Using the same stonework will offer continuity and will hugely improve the overall look and perception of the golf course.

Support mounding will be used in the construction around the turning point through to the green. This mounding will lift the bunkers to make them more visible and it will also give much needed support along the left edge of the hole. I propose to include the planting of some Rhododendrons or similar on the mounding, using the opportunity to close the hole in with some colour.

We have allowed for upgrading the green surround around the left side and rear of the green. I have repositioned the cart path to allow room for the development of the support mounding and for the redesigned and upgraded green surrounds.

4th hole – Killeen Course

Hole 4 proposal

Construction of a new lake edge wall along the length of the hole, is to be built in a new position, encroaching much more into the fairway, consequently narrowing the fairway, giving a more dramatic approach shot to the green across the beach. Visually the hole will look stunning, utilising the natural features of the lake and beach to much greater effect and the upgrade will be completed using the same high quality materials in the wall construction.

6th hole – Killeen Course

Hole 6 proposal

This project includes the redesign and upgrade of the entire green surrounds.

The view through to the green will be greatly improved by the lowering and reshaping of the existing raised area of ground on the approach to the green. This will allow the golfer to see the complete challenge that lies ahead.It is a view that is worth exposing as the redesigned and rebuilt surrounds will look stunning and will make the 6th hole a real feature hole of the course.

Again the same build as specified for the walls, with the same stone facing is to be used on the bridge and the weir.

We also propose to reshape the green surrounds to the left side of the hole, giving surrounds of much better shape and quality, where the golfer will play off dryer, improved turf conditions, with a variety of shot options created for the golfer to get “up and own” to save par.

We have positioned a swale and bunker into the front green surrounds between the wall and the green. This will give a much cleaner and much more exciting and visually attractive appearance to the green site. Although increasing the challenge of playing the hole, the bunker will be a much fairer and more exciting test than the current poorly shaped surrounds in this area.

The green surface will be adjusted to tie-in with the new surround contours.

10th hole – Killeen Course

Hole 10 proposal

We propose to create an “island” green site. Access to the green will come via a path entering the green site from the rear right corner.

The green will be enlarged, extending out from the existing contours. The back terrace in particular needs to be enlarged to offer playability to this section of the green.

The surrounds of the right side of the green will be reshaped and rebuilt to retain a small “miss” area. This area will also be drained and sand capped to assist in the promotion and retention of healthy turf in this busy walk on , walk off area.

The greenside bunker will be reshaped to be visible from the tee.

We have allowed for the removal of the existing stone wall, rebuilding around the enlarged green site, again applying the same build specification and stone type as per the walls on holes 1,4 and 6.

The fairway and semi rough borders of the water feature will be reshaped and re-turfed to complete the redesign and upgrade works.

We are going to create more tee options to be able to play the hole from a variety of lengths, in keeping with the degree of difficulty and intimidation that an Island green will bring.

11th hole – Killeen Course

Hole 11 proposal

When we first walked the 11th hole, we noticed that the area of ground to the left of the approach to the green had been filled by an amount of around 4-5 metres, through to the adjacent wood. Our proposal for hole 11 is to excavate and lower this area, back to what would appear to be its former levels. This allows a design with much more definition and character for the approach to the green. The new height difference allows the positioning of 3 very visible and strategic bunkers, into the face of the new bank.

We propose to use some of the excavated fill to enhance support mounding at the right side of the fairway, through to the entrance of the green.

Plan showing the above holes and their position on the course

“The Killeen course is Killarney Golf Club’s flagship course and is undoubtedly the sterner test. Long hitting and accurate approach play are required and water, both in the form of the Lough Leane – the largest of the Lakes of Killarney – and the many streams running into it.”

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