Team Niblick have been appointed by the Bearsden Golf Club, (one of the oldest clubs on the North side of Glasgow) who are investing in a new and larger golf course as explained on their website.

The Committee believes that the route which should be pursued by the Club is to sell all the land for which we have residential designation and invest in what will be a new and larger golf course with good practice facilities. This would result in a course, based on the provisional plan, with a length of 6,878 yards (for 2 x 9 holes) and designed by the leading golf course architect, Graeme Webster of Niblick Design.

The final plans will also incorporate a separate practice area for use in junior coaching on the site of the existing small practice area and making use of available ground beyond the greenkeeping shed. Consideration will also be given to creating provision on the course for separate junior play and for clubhouse and car park improvements.

Team Niblick illustration featured on Bearsden website

The plans to extend the golf course will create a larger and better golf Course and it is currently at planning stage.

Graeme is working with the committee and members to plan something special for this historic club, and using his unique and tried and tested design approach to let member visualise his plans

Existing 4th hole

Illustration of the proposed new par 5

Illustration of the proposed hole 5

Existing 9th hole

Illustration of the proposed hole 9

“A good golf course is like good music or good anything else; it is not necessarily a course which appeals the first time one plays over it, but one which grows on the player the more frequently he visits it.”

Alister MacKenzie