Tralee Links Golf Club - Links Course

“We adopted a very consultative process at every level in the club in the preparation of the Masterplan . Graeme’s gift for communication and his willingness to engage and explain his thought process and designs both in Committee and at our Open Evenings was exceptional and that approach convinced everyone that our course and club were in safe hands”

Richard Rafferty ( Tralee Golf Club Chairman 2016 – 2020 inc.)

Ballybunion Golf Club - Old Course

“Graeme’s talent for using the GOD given dramatic and natural existing terrain and dune features of Ballybunion’s Old Course, extending them into areas that are a little less dramatic, bringing these areas too alive, is a wonderful ability to have.”
Vari McReevie, General Manager
Ballybunion Golf Club (2010 – 2017)

Blairgowrie Golf Club - Rosemount Course

“Graeme continues our rich and proud history of engaging the very best of Scottish Golf Course Architects in the evolution and ongoing design changes to the Rosemount Course. Dr Alister MacKenzie, James Braid, Donald Steel and now Graeme J.Webster.”

Robin Duncan, Club Captain
Blairgowrie Golf Club (2015-2016)

Kvinesdal Golf Course 15th hole

“Graeme’s calmness under pressure ,his ability to include and advise us on the design and build process and his just being such a fantastic person.”
Olav Magne Trydal, General Manager

Forbes Kingennie Country Resort

At Forbes of Kingennie everything is about being World Class. Our choice of Golf Course Architect had to be someone who could work to our exacting standards, Graeme has done that and more.”

Mike Forbes – Owner Forbes of Kingennie

Meldrum House Country Hotel & Golf Course

“Graeme has been a personal friend for many years and together we have developed something very special at Meldrum House.
We continue to work on our course, it’s a living thing, as golf technology changes how people play this game, we continue to review the golf holes and continue to make improvements. Some say the Golf Academy is the finest of its kind”.

Bob Edwards, Owner, Meldrum House Golf Course and Golf Academy

Murcar Links Golf Course 4th hole

“It was a great experience during the course improvements in 2006 working with Graeme Webster of Team Niblick.
Seeing such an acclaimed architectural golfing brain work, so Murcar Links could evolve their asset into the current plethora of the Top 100 courses in Scotland”.
Gary Forbes, PGA GOLF Professional, Murcar Links Golf Club

Stavanger GolfKluubb

“I was advised by all who had worked with Graeme on previous renovation works at the Club, that I would find Graeme very professional. Graeme gives wonderful attention to detail.”

Frode Vassbø, General Manager, Stavanger Golf Club

The Ury Estate

“We are very excited to see this amazing site transformed into one of the most select golf residential-resort communities in the world and be one of only 25 courses to be part of the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club family. Graeme’s design and construction expertise has been instrumental in working with Jack and the Nicklaus Design team to get this hugely important project for the North East corner of Scotland through the planning process. We are very near to the point of putting the first spade in the ground to commence works.”

Jonathon Milne, director of FM Group

'The Angus' 5* Golf Resort

“I’m working alongside the very talented people at Team Niblick, led by golf course architect Graeme Webster, who have laid the foundations for the course by blending the classic traditions of golf with their innovative and exciting approach to course design.
Darren Clarke

Since its inception in 1991, Team Niblick has been involved in the design and build of many golf courses and practice facilities across Europe with projects in Scotland, Spain, Norway, Germany and Ireland.

We are very passionate and proud of our work and every client is very important to us. No matter how large or small the project may be, every single piece of work is treated in exactly the same way, with regard for project planning restrictions, timescales and budgets.

We have huge regard and respect for nature and existing contour, with a deep understanding of the game of golf, and course strategy. Our mindset is to create exciting and challenging golf, yet bringing fair and fun games with it. We have acute awareness of safety margins and maintenance capabilities, understanding and working with local weather conditions, and with an unflinching attention to detail.

On our website we feature a number of recent and ongoing projects that encapsulate the quality of work and service provided by Team Niblick. We will be delighted to provide further information on request.

Case Study

“The chief object of every golf architect or greenkeeper worth his salt is to imitate the beauties of nature so closely as to make his work indistinguishable from nature itself.”

Alister Mackenzie