Design Approach

Artistic Impression showing view from the 11th fairway of the proposed new water features

For many the translation of flat plans into a three dimensional vision of the completed work can prove difficult and tax the imagination.

Graeme has worked with artist Lincoln Rowe for many years and these illustrations are invaluable in creating visuals of the completed construction work placing it in the context of the surrounding topography.


A working sketch

This artwork can be used most effectively in support of plans to illustrate proposed works to developers, committee members, club membership, planners and the general public. They are also an effective vehicle for promotional purposes such as websites and the media,- and all this before a spade hits the ground.

Artistic Impression

To this end Graeme works with a landscape artist with immense experience in landscape art – Lincoln Rowe. Working closely together on site and in the studio, nearly 2 decades of collaboration on innumerable golf course design and construction projects have forged a close creative working rapport between Architect and Artist. The resulting dedicated fine art illustrations provide an unrivalled and unique vision of what is possible.

Extensive site work is carried out to ensure that the Architects vision for new design or design change are accurately shown within the surrounding topography , identifiable features and landforms.

The resulting Artistic Impressions are invaluable in creating “visuals” of the design proposals .

The finished hole

” No other game combines the wonder of nature with the discipline of sport in such carefully planned ways. A great golf course both frees and challenges a golfer’s mind”

Tom Watson