About Us


Team Niblick provide an unrivalled service for all aspects of golf construction. Experienced project managers and shapers are supported by a dedicated hands-on senior management team committed to ensuring the success of your project, whatever the scope or resources required.

Using a team involved in the design and all the operations associated with building and remodelling a golf course has significant advantages for the customer.

Graeme’s own design style is very “hands on” working with the earthworks team and in particular the “shapers” to enhance the design and to ensure an outstanding quality of blend out and finish.” Tie-ins” of new to existing landforms are imperceptible. There is a greater flow to the whole construction process with adjustments and approvals being done “in real time.”

Our flexibility and commitment to quality extends to the construction of new golf courses as well as the reconstruction and remodelling of existing golf courses, greens, tees, bunker complexes and individual bunkers.

We can provide teams of shapers, operators and finishers to carry out every operation from earthworks through to the final seeding or turfing.